Sunday, April 15, 2012

Family Weekend

Easter weekend was a great one this year. I took Monday off for a 3-day weekend, took leisurely time in some beautiful areas in the Rogue Valley, ate out for dinner every night. Oh yeah, my family came into town.

Dad, Mom, and Kevin came to Southern Oregon for almost three full days of Medford mania. There were lots of laughs, tons of food, and a bit of nostalgia.

It started with a bit of a surprise visit Friday at 5pm where I was making my live report. My parents got there before I did and met my camera operator (and great friend) Julian. Then they watched us great ready and rehearse the live shot a few times. My story was first in the broadcast and we start our program about 20 seconds before 5 exactly. So, after I was live and did my report for real, my family thought that it was just another dry run. Little do they know, there's not much fanfare or hooplah surrounding my live shots. But it was great to have them there and show them the magic behind the scenes.
That night was a Mexican food night at Si Casa Flores. We said "gracias" to the waitress more than a few times.

Saturday brought adventures to some of the quaint, attractive towns surrounding Medford-- Jacksonville and Ashland. Mom did a lot of window shopping and real shopping. Dad did a lot of standing outside while Mom shopped. But the weather was perfect, pleasantly sunny but not hot at all. Perfect Spring.

Needing a place to watch the Sharks game that night we went to Joe's Sports Bar where we ate our body weight in nachos, fried mozzarella, and cheesesteaks.

Several plans were in play for Sunday, including the possibility of driving to Crater Lake. But it's two hours each way and this time of year, there's a 50-50 chance that clouds roll in over the caldera rim and hide the lake. With a halfway chance of not seeing bluest lake, we decided not to risk the four hour drive (especially with six-plus hours waiting the Navarros on Monday).

So we took a few field trips. One to the NewsWatch 12 station:

Another to a state park where you can access the Rogue River (it's just ten minutes from my apartment):
And the last one to Dollar Tree and 7-11:

Sunday dinner was at the legendary, Kaleidoscope. A pizza place we've never missed enjoying. No pictures at the table, too busy scarfing.

Monday meant saying goodbye at Black Bear Diner at the South Medford exit. Every time we eat there before the rest of the family heads home. And every time we say goodbye for a little bit, but always with an idea of when the next time we see each other will be.

I drove home alone, sad to say bye but still riding happy momentum from a fantastic weekend.

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  1. We had a great time eating, shopping, sight-seeing, eating, shopping, shopping and eating!!!