Thursday, April 12, 2012

Montrue Wins

Last week I got the chance to profile Montrue Technologies. The company is one of four competing for an Angel Investment of $160,000. That day when I returned from the interview, I sat down at my desk next to Steven and remember telling him "Montrue is gonna win this thing."

I should've put money on it.

Yesterday, Montrue was named the big winner and got the oversized check.
I grabbed the CEO and founder for a post-win interview like Craig Sager, but not as colorfully dressed. I was hoping that elated victory face and feeling. I asked a couple of questions to try to elicit that response, but didn't get it. He even acknowledged, "You know, Bryan, I don't think I've got what you're looking for..." then went on to talk about how the business was hoping to win but had a plan to fundraise that amount even if it didn't. I told him, maybe it was this focus that won the investors over.

Montrue's leaders look poised for success despite whatever obstacles may get in their way. Anyone who wants to climb on board has the right idea.

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