Sunday, April 22, 2012

Last Chance SkiFest

There's no such thing as too much skiing. But there is such thing as too much sun.

It's the last weekend that the ski parks in our area are open and we took full advantage. A late start to winter and being busy in the early Spring meant that I've only had one session on the slopes this season. That's not enough.

So a group of four of us trekked two hours to Mt. Shasta for a little spring ski.

The sun was out and unrestricted by a cloudless blue sky. The snow was mushy and soft. It slowed down our rides and helped soften the falls.

The temperature topped out at 64˚ but it felt about 20 degrees warmer. We all wore several layers but ended up ditching them for short sleeves and bare arms.

We brought and spread on sunblock, but that was before we got going and worked up a sweat. Our faces and necks were protected, but our forearms did not survive intact.

(Can you tell I wore a watch?)

I've been applying refrigerated Aloe Vera on the hour all evening and my arms feel like they're on fire, like Katniss.


We were wiped, sore, and singed. But we gathered for a group photo. I asked the closest person nearby, and perhaps I shouldn't have. He looked to be in his 70's and had no idea how to work the iPhone camera, and maybe hadn't even held one before I approached him.
What followed was a 3-minute instruction session on how the iPhone worked, how to hold it, which side was front and which was big. After he learned, he tried taking the group picture, but wasn't sure that he had taken any. Well, he did. Here are some of notable shots he snapped.

(Sarah, Jessica, Nick, Me)

Despite the sunburns and the tumbles, it was a fantastic day. But this wasn't even the best part. Check back on Monday when I'll tell you about our run-in with the most fantastic freight that was shipped on Interstate 5 this weekend.

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