Monday, April 2, 2012

SMC Indiana

"They have ten acres of destroyed woodland, but they consider themselves incredibly fortunate: all around them are the charred remains of their neighbors' homes, as the practice for the moment is to salvage whatever can be saved in a ruined house and then burn whatever is left to expedite the recovery process."

It might sound like a scene from a fictional post-apocalyptic story, but this is very real and hits close to home for me.

The professor who I travelled to New Orleans and Brazil with at Saint Mary's is continuing the disaster relief effort right now, in Southern Indiana. For more than a weeks, current students and alumni are driving and flying in from across the United States to be part of a recovery team doing speedy week in area laid waste by a swarm of tornadoes just weeks ago.

My friends are going on the trip and they're led by my favorite professor, Shawny Anderson.

Please follow their story for the next week or so at this blog: SMC Indiana

Be sure to get a glimpse into the past at why Shawny's led relief trips in the past, and why this one resonates more personally than any others before.

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