Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to Normalcy

Monday brought a welcome change, reporting on stories not related to the previous week's tragedy. However, there was one story last week that I want to share. Yessenia found the four kids' 12 year old babysitter who shared her memories of the lost children.

Monday, I reported on a new study that predicted Medford as the 3rd best housing market in the US for 2011-2016. Also, a library book thief who posed for a picture.

Two weeks ago:

Last week is still in my mind. I found this video on Portland newspaper The Oregonian's website, it was shot while Steven and I had a live shot together last Tuesday afternoon.

As per advice from friends and family, I've been looking towards the positive. Remembering that, I've been trying to remember that my stories make a difference. They bring people into the emotion and feelings of the story. I try to remember that several tens of thousands of people see my work everyday. Remember that I get invited into homes to tell stories and, hopefully, affect their lives.

Plus, there's this story out of Seattle that makes me see the power and beauty of our medium.

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