Friday, July 8, 2011

The Real World as Classrooms

"A journalist, it is said, enjoys a license to be educated in public;
we are the lucky ones, allowed to spend our days in
a continuing course of adult education."
--Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

Following this thinking (which I do), my classrooms have been varied this week. They include:
~ a State Senator's office discussing low-income health care.
~ the park where a 40 rival gangmembers fought and 10 were arrested.
~ the office of the Timber Industries Association where companies are filing a lawsuit against the Obama Administration

Working as a journalist I've been forced to become an expert about something I had no previous clue about.
Taxes, Politics, Health Care, Education, Economics, Agriculture, E-Commerce, Courtroom Proceedings.

But there's something I am probably least familiar with -- Pregnancy.
Well, I got a crash course in April.

My real life classroom was a doctor's office.
My textbook, a sonogram.

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