Saturday, July 23, 2011

Continuing Coverage: The Tragedy on Tenth Street

On Monday, tragedy struck in Medford. A mother and her four children were murdered, seemingly by her husband.
Throughout the week more details emerged about what happened.

Thursday morning, Steven covered the victims' family's press conference. Their message: forgiveness.
Thursday afternoon, just 20 minutes before the 5:00 show, the autopsy results were released.
Thursday evening, the family visits the home where they died.
Friday night, that family held a candlelight vigil where 300 people healed together.

It's been an incredibly tough week for all who knew Tabasha and her family. For the first responders working desperately to resuscitate the children who, no doubt, brought to mind children they knew in their own lives.

I've spent countless hours this week absorbing as many facets of this story I could, then retelling it in four broadcasts everyday (and twice during live coverage where we broke into normal programming). I haven't yet processed everything or even most of it.
I don't feel like myself and am not sure when I will again. I sense another blog coming about all of this. Sometime.

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