Saturday, July 9, 2011

Southern Oregon Adventures IX: The Fourth

The 4th of July is a 3-day weekend for most folks, but I was working with many friends on Monday. So, we did the only logical thing-- crammed 3 days worth of fun into Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday brought a pool party and BBQ at morning meteorologist Kristin Ketchell's apartment. No pictures because cameras and water don't mix, but also because we were having too much fun. Went from 3 til 11 and included all the necessities: burgers, dogs, chips, chili, pasta salad, cookies, beer, and wine.

-- -- --

Sunday brought something totally different, a 4-hour, approximately 7 mile hike up, around, and to the summit of Roxy Ann Peak. Why? Check out the start of Southern Oregon Summits.

-- -- --

The Fourth brought work, but fun work. At night, a few of us went to downtown Ashland for a snack, then walked towards the fireworks launching from SOU. We saw a few blasts then headed in for the night.

Fun times all around.

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