Saturday, July 9, 2011

SO Summits: Roxy Ann

I'm hiking the peaks, mountains, and plateaus in Southern Oregon. For fun and for training.

In mid-August a few people from work and I are going to hike Mt. McLoughlin which peaks at 9000+ feet above sea level, and about 4400+ feet above the base. The trail we're planning on taking is 5 hours up, 4 hours down. It'll be rough.

To get ready, I'm hitting trails every weekend leading up to McLoughlin. I'm calling it Southern Oregon Summits. The first edition put me and some friends at the summit of Roxy Ann Peak in Medford.

Sunday's hike was a 4 hour adventure stretching, by my calculations (and assisted by Google Earth) was about 7.5 miles. Roxy Ann is only 2200 feet above the valley floor. It's a definite beginner hike, but you've gotta start somewhere.

Stay locked in for the next chapters in (and photos from) Southern Oregon Summits.

Kurt and Tricia, ©1981

Communication tower at the summit.

Hawks live near the peak.

On the way down, McLoughlin looms in the distance.


Medford from Roxy Ann.

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  1. Beautiful! Looking forward to So. Oregon Adventures: Year 2!! Happy one year anniversary! This is the weekend we moved you up to OR and you started working @ KDRV! Time flies!