Friday, July 15, 2011

All Good Things Come to an End

Friday two fantastic series are closing-- the Harry Potter films, and the TV series "Friday Night Lights."
Both represent a piece of my childhood.

Harry Potter

Potter and I have been pals since middle school when I was first pointed in the direction of a rather thick, previously unknown book called "Harry Potter and the Sorcorer's Stone." Nearly a decade ago, the books were translated into celluloid. I remember vividly, talking with Kevin about how Quidditch would be depicted on the big screen.

I've seen many of the recent editions of the HP films at midnight. Including film 7 part 1 last November. And Part 2 earlier today. USA Today's review.

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Friday Night Lights

The film version of FNL is stellar. One of my favorite football movies. The TV show is a spinoff taking the feeling, politics, emotion of the film (which in turn is taken from the book it's based on).

As many will tell you, the show is less about football than it is about family, friends, high school, marriage, dreams, successes and failures, and the people around during those successes and failures.

I love the show. The characters, the feelings, the cinematography. Even the opening credits hits me like a freight train (I'll be writing a piece about the :45 seconds that open Season 1).

The final episode airs Friday at 8 on NBC. I had the chance to watch it early and loved it. It's a very satisfying ending to an incredibly satisfying series. I can't recommend it enough.

Reflections from producers, directors, actors.

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