Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cate the Great

It's a small world.

Yesterday, I spent a few hours on campus saying hi to professors and friends. People I lived with or took classes with and had a real good relationship with, but hadn't seen more than once or twice since graduating a year and a half ago. It was time traveling to the past when we got hang out.

Today, was the same-- professors, staff, and friends who I haven't seen in 22 months. But also, a good friend who I didn't even know 22 months ago.

Cate Cauguiran worked at another station in Medford until she moved to the City by the Bay earlier this month. This is her second week at KPIX CBS-5. Today, she's on my stomping grounds covering the Gaels sendoff.

She didn't know I'd be here, and I was hoping to surprise her. She was hoping to surprise me by sending me a link to her report (she thought I was still in OR).

Well, we were both surprised when we pulled on to campus at the same time!

At the send-off we caught up, had laughs, and a took a couple of pictures. Both loving that our worlds met despite being six hours away.

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