Friday, March 2, 2012

Last Week's Reports

It was a week of ups and downs. Stories that were easy to find interviews for and some that were difficult.

Stories that were emotionally draining. And some that were a bit lighter.

On Thursday, I found a gas station where prices had jumped 20¢ in one day!

Friday brought one of my toughest assignments I can remember. An 18 month old boy had been sexually assaulted by his step father. I covered the story as the 27 year old suspect wept in court.

Monday was a relief. Has that ever been said before? I got to head up the mountain to the slopes of Mt. Ashland. Many of the people up there said it was the best ski day all year.

More recently, on Tuesday the 28th, Southern Oregon and Northern California started bracing for the first big storm of the season. A Winter Weather Warning for our entire viewing area. I headed up the mountain for a story on road crews' preps.

-- --

Check back tomorrow. I'll be posting a story where I talked to a market owner who was robbed by a man with a samurai sword. He talks about how feared for his life and what gave him comfort in those terrifying moments.

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