Thursday, March 1, 2012


Anytime there's a chance the Rogue Valley floor will see snow, we call that looming doom "Snowpocalypse" or "Snowmaggedon."

It's tongue in cheek. We know there's nothing to really get flustered about. And we don't refer it to like that on-air or online.

This week we had a Snowpocalypse waiting the wings. It hit late Tuesday and through Wednesday.

Wednesday morning snow fell beautifully, silently outside and started building. The three reporters started making calls. Tow trucks, the airport, utilities companies. Was the world coming to a halt out there? We were finding out.

Several school districts closed down for the day. Others delayed classes (and bus pickups) two hours.

Here's the thing, an inch of snow in Medford means 3-6 inches in most other areas and a foot in the mountains and over the interstate passes. An inch in town means barely anything, but it's indicative of a major event everywhere else.

My report on Wednesday was in the Applegate Valley, about a half hour from Medford. There, snowfall was more than 6" in some areas. People live up remote roads on steep hills and when it snows like that, they're stuck at home.

Before hunkering down, there's stocking up.

Before Snowmaggedon, there's Grocery-apalooza.

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