Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hunted, not Hunter

I'm in Moraga, I've got my gear, and I've got my assignments.

The 354 mile drive from Oregon to California was slowed down by some snow on the border, strong winds near Shasta, and buckets of rain near Redding. But slow and steady wins the race and I had a lot of music.

Fast forward seven hours and now I'm on Saint Mary's campus. Met with the Sports Information Director, or SID, Richard Kilwein. He's the one hwo works with the media to set up interviews, pitch stories, and get them clearance. And he'll be my "boss" for the next few days (or more).

The current plan is to make at least one video a day for I'll be working with the radio announcer, Mike Bouve, as the talent and producer for the videos, and I'll be staying behind the camera. We'll be showing the excitement surrounding the program and the NCAA run and some of the sights and scenes you'd see if you were in Omaha with us. Maybe a little of what the hotel is like, the arena, the band practicing, what the fans are doing. And of course the team during open practice, interacting with fans, talking about what they're expecting, and the game itself. Lots of up-in-the-airs right now, but that's what makes it fun.

-- --

A lot of people peg us as the small mid-major, not expecting to do anything big. They think we must be happy just to be included.

For us, that is not the case.

We've been here before. We have been to the Sweet-16, knocking off a #2 in the process. We won our regular season conference title and the championship title, beating "the team to beat" twice in three times this year. We've got the WCC player of the year. We are the higher seed. We are the hunted, not the hunter.

It's time to show what Saint Mary's can do.

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