Sunday, March 4, 2012

Samurai Sword

Legend has it that a samurai sword is so sharp that you can cut a piece of yarn just by dropping it on the blade.

A few weeks ago a store owner in Northern California was robbed by a crazed man holding a samurai sword above his head, threatening to unleash a deadly blow. The owner, Jim, told me about the unfocused, possibly drug-induced haze over the robber's eyes. He told me the rated-R threats he made. He told me how he thought he might die.

Then, he told me about the hope that came over him when he got his hands on something cold, the fear went away.

Jim handed over the money, his phone, his car keys, and his sense of security. He says he hated feeling as fearful as he did in those moments.

Jim told me that he wanted to shoot the robber. He said he would have had no regrets. But there was another woman with the robber and he didn't know if she also had a weapon. So he didn't take any chances.

Deputies later told Jim that the sword-holding suspect is lucky that the woman was with him. She saved his life. And maybe Jim's, too.

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