Friday, March 16, 2012

Craig Seger

After the loss, I wasn't prepared to leave CenturyLink Center. I could've gone back to the hotel and watched the Kansas/Detroit game there, or I could've stayed and watched it live. Obviously, live is the correct answer. Especially when 15-seed Detroit is keeping pace with the Jayhawks.

Well I sit down near the baseline and watch the last part of the first half then walk around the concourse during halftime.

Second half starts and I'm sitting again, Kansas starts to pull away.

I'm thinking about taking off, but wanted to wait til a media timeout. Here's what happens, Detroit gets a steal and quickly dunks, next possession, another steal to a dunk. Bill Self calls a timeout and CBS goes to commercial, that's my exit cue.

As I walk out, I spot one of my idols, Craig Seger. He's sitting at the end of the Media Row. I walk in that direction and amble slowly. I don't know what it is, but he looks up in my direction. We make eye contact and each give a nod of acknowledgement. I smile slightly and walk out of the arena.

My time in Omaha is complete.

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