Thursday, March 15, 2012

In Omaha

I'm here in Omaha, The Gateway to the West. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny, 80 degrees when we landed. A far cry from the rainy Moraga (and snowy Medford). I immediately changed into shorts.

We're staying in a Doubletree (cookies!) in the downtown/financial district. Beautiful office buildings, hotels, and convention centers. Wide roads and wide sidewalks with trees and street lights. Looking out from my 4th floor hotel room window, I can see the baseball field where the college world series is played. It's only about 5 blocks away. The CenturyLink Center, where we will play, is about 6 blocks away.

I've only got a small sample size, but I'm very impressed with the city so far.

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Staying here longer depends on the team. I shot and edited two features yesterday, but due to slow internet and a longgggg travel day, they've yet to go on the website. As soon as they do, I'll post a new article with the links.

Thanks for your patience, and your support.

Mike Bouve, Gaels Radio Announcer; Richard Kilwein, Sports Information Director; Myself, Team Videographer
Photo from

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Also, I'm working some pretty quick deadlines so blogging comes second. Expect fuller reports and more photos once the run is said and done. Hopefully later than sooner.

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