Friday, March 9, 2012

SWPL: Shorts

There's this book called "Stuff White People Like," which pokes fun at some of the stereotypical things middle class, left-leaning people (of any race) enjoy. I like it because I see some of myself in the items mentioned: plaid, farmers' markets, living by the water.

Every now and then when I come across a life experience that mirrors the mimicking I find in the book, I'll post it here.

Last weekend and this week we had temperatures in the upper 60s and even hit 70 Thursday. I played frisbee, read on the patio, and took a nap in the hammock.
And I wore shorts.

Now, the SWPL ode to Shorts:

"One thing prized by white people is making the most of situations. They like to maximize opportunities for all that they are worth. It applies to jobs, vacations, investments, books, education, and perhaps most importantly, warm days.

After a prolonged cold snap, white people are very excited at the first hint of a warm day. It is their opportunity to go back outside, to enjoy nature and thrive.

In order to get the most possible enjoyment out of these days, white people turn to one of their most trusted allies: shorts.

It is a known fact that white people believe that they can bring spring early by wearing a pair of shorts on any day that is above seasonal temperatures. This myth runs so deep that they will often wear shorts the following day when temperatures drop, at which point they will refuse to recognize that it is cold."

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  1. Some of us will only wear shorts once our legs have enough self-tanner and natural sun to look darker, slimmer and to cover the varicose veins!