Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bingham-Sandberg Wedding

Steven Sandberg is the reporter who I met nearly a year and a half ago as we both were student reporters for our schools at the Conference Basketball tournament. We kept in contact since then and I chimed in on his sports blog. Eventually, he was the one who let me know about the job opening at Newswatch 12, put in a good word for me, and basically got me this job.

On Saturday, August 7, 2010, he married his high school sweetheart Amanda Bingham.

Steven and Amanda took part in a contest for a free wedding from a local radio station and won thanks to their friends and family voting online and getting the over 50% of the vote (especially impressive because there were about a dozen couples in the contest).

Anywho, I was lucky enough to be invited to the wedding and went with about a dozen other Newswatch12-ers. It was fun.

First, the ceremony took place at the Riversedge Hotel in Shady Cove, a small town about a half hour from Medford. The Riversedge is, well, right on the River's edge and the sound of peaceful rapids of the Rogue River were a beautiful background to the wedding. The outdoor ceremony was shaded by tall redwoods so it wasn't too hot. And it was only an 11 minute ceremony, fantastic! Steven and Amanda were so happy, it made everyone else happy too. Cheesy, but true.

Second, Faris, the web editor for the station, and I carpooled and made our way to Medford for the reception. We were the first ones there. How did this happen? We were certainly not the first to leave and we didn't speed back or anything. Weird. A few other 12 people were next to arrive and after about an hour and a half, the wedding party showed up.

Third, we ate and toasted and tried to catch bouquets and garters, but then the party really started when DJ Hype (provided by the radio station) started spinning some music and got everyone dancing. The libations helped.

Fourth, I battle danced a ten-year-old. Lil Hype. The DJ's son. This went on for a good three or four minutes. I'm writing this on Wednesday and I believe that I'm no longer sore from all the crazy moves. I lost, but only because I gave up.

Fifth, eventually the party had to end and some us went to Kaliedoscope (will be referred to as K-Scope in reality and in the blog from here on). I got a hawaiian. Pretty sure KScope is some of the best pizza I've every had. I'll be back there often.

Sixth, an even smaller group of us went to Kelley and Emily's (a producer and an anchor/reporter from the station who live together) place. There we discovered a common interest in Jurassic Park and have since been quoting the movie and adding vague quotes from the film to newscasts all week. Yup.

Seventh, after watching the 11 newscast, we headed to Elements which touts itself as a Tapas Bar & Lounge. But most people call it: The Classiest Bar in Medford. I would probably agree them. They had a late happy hour which includes $5 cocktails and appetizers. I ordered one of each. Some of the crew and talent who were working the 11 oclock show came by and we all hung out.

Eighth, we probably left around one or so.

It was a fantastic day.

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  1. Glad to see your knowledge of random Jurassic Park facts is helpful!

    lol...did Scott and Brian ever pay you? hahaha