Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Police Practice

I got a great story today. Fifteen police officers from four city's police departments were taking in a simulation of a school shooting as the finished a two-day training on how to respond to an "active shooter." I got to cover the officers as they simulated searching the building and taking down gunmen holed up in a room.

It was like being in a video game. The ones where the SWAT team moves as a group and barges in on rooms and fires off rounds because no lives really depended on it.

The gunfire and shouted orders gave great opportunities for nat sounds (natural sounds; makes for a much better video because it adds audio and helps the viewer feel like they are there.) I was lucky and my story wasn't aired until 6, so I had a little extra time to spend editing the package to highlight those sounds and get the right visuals over the narration.

It was a great story to cover and I'm happy I was assigned it.


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