Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brain Sprain

Our team, Brain Sprain, won Trivia Night on Monday. The host was a different person than usual, and the questions were noticeably easier. Or, our team became immeasurably smarter since last time. Probably the former.

One question did test us and the rest of the crowd quite a bit. Here it is:

If I gave you $100, then I would twice as much money as you do.
But if you gave me $100, then I would five times as much money as you.
How much money do I have and how much money do you have?



  1. Hi Brian - I'm stumped for the answer. Help me out! I am loving your posts and seeing how you have grown and becoming more comfortable with your new surroundings. Hope you will be able to come home for the holidays.
    Aunt Sandra(gordy24)

  2. Hi Aunt Sandra!
    Thanks! It's been (and still is) a learning process, but I'm liking the work and the people I've been working with. I have a feeling I'll be able to come home for a quick weekend around Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years. Not sure exactly when yet, but I'll be sure to keep everyone updated!

    And as for trivia...the answer is...
    I have 900 and you have 300. Because if you give me 100, then I will have 1,000 and you will have 200 (5 times as much. And if I give you 100, then I will have 800 and you will have 400 (2 times).