Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good Friday

A few weeks ago I did a "preview" about free dental care in Grants Pass. The actual event took place in Medford on Friday and will happen in Grants Pass on Saturday. I suggested the story to our Assignment Editor (who looks for and assigns stories to reporters) and she was able to get interviews for me for the Medford date.

I've realized that I really like covering these softer stories. Some reporters really like the harder, investigate, breaking news stories about shootings, conspiracy, or death. But I like the happier, heart-warming type stories. Maybe it's a phase, maybe not.

But I liked covering this story. Everyone involved was willing to talk (a far cry from investigative interviews) and wanted to help and give information.

Also, because I knew a little about this story, I felt more comfortable reporting on it and could get more done when I was out in the field.

It was a good day, a great Friday, and a fantastic way to start the weekend.

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