Saturday, August 14, 2010

Too Personal?

We received word from KRCR (Redding TV station) that a police officer was leaving the Redding PD because he had been told that he was losing job, then told he was getting it back, then told he was losing it again, then told told they could keep him on. This went on for a few months until he got fed up and started looking for other jobs.

He moved to Medford with his wife and two kids and applied for a job here.

I got lucky enough to cover this story.

After finishing the package, I'm not sure that I did the best thing in creating it. It's a very personal and individual story. It doesn't really apply to the greater Medford community.

What this story taught me is: Yes, this is a nice, happy, heart-warming (possibly) story. But it doesn't really matter to the Joe Schmo who's watching in Klamath Falls.

Every story has relevance to every single viewer. It's my job to make each of my stories relevant.

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