Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hanging Out

I've been hanging out with some of the people who work at the station this weekend. On Saturday, a group of about seven or eight of us went to a bar in downtown Ashland. There was a band playing covers and adding some great blues guitar too. We were there for a good three hours or so just hanging out and talking and laughing.

Today, Sunday, I got a call from Faris the web editor for the station, saying he and a few other people from work were going to see a movie, so I joined them. Faris and I saw "Salt" with Kaylin, the morning anchor, and her friend, Jackie. I actually really liked the movie. It was a spy thriller with a lot of twists and unexpected turns. After the movie we went to Kaliedoscope, a delicious pizza joint where Grateful Dead memorabilia adorn the walls and servers and chefs wear tie-dye shirts. We talked about the movie for a full hour afterward, trying to make sense of all the intricacies. It was that good. We also debated whether or not cinnamon is the best spice. Faris believes you can put it on any food. We're still debating.

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