Monday, August 2, 2010

El Equipo Fantástico

That's our team name. The Fantastic Team.

Burt Reynolds was originally asked to play Han Solo in Star Wars.
When McDonald's trains its employees, it tells them that the best way to put out a shortening fire is to smother it with frozen french fries.
Juneau is the largest city in America, in terms of area.
Butterflies don't fly in the morning because their wings are damp.
Before twinkies were filled with vanilla creme, they were filled with banana creme.
There is a regulation size half court basketball court in the Matterhorn.
Before American Express credit cards were green, they were purple.
There is the most static electricity during the winter.
Venus Flytraps eat mostly ants.
Fred Flintstone drank Cactus Cooler, Coconut Cola, and Sabertooth Tiger's Milk.
The White House was grey before it was burned down. It was also called The Presidential Mansion.
Before they are roasted, coffee beans are green.
Slinkies are made up of 80 feet of wire.

We came in second place. $20 gift certificate.
After two second place and one first place finishes, our team has accumulated $70 in three weeks. Nice.

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