Sunday, August 1, 2010


Friday was a very good day.

I only had one assignment: Wine Marketing. I looked at different ways that wineries were bringing people in. Those of us in the Newsroom had seen that they were offering events with music or food or art. It was a fun story to cover.

After traveling to two wineries I got back to the station and cut my package and vosots. The producers had me fronting my stories in a live remote at a third winery in Medford. This winery has a summer concert series and a farmer's market on summer Fridays, so I felt right at home. The 6:30 show will sometimes recap a human interest type of story at the top of their show. The 6:30 producer wanted me to stay at my live location and give another hit. So, I had three live remotes.

They all went pretty great. I messed up a few times, as usual, but I felt much more confident in what I was talking about and it helped me to relax and, hopefully, be more natural. I had a good time doing these remotes, learning about the wineries, and telling the story.

It was a great way to start the weekend.

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